SATOSHE - is an innovative coin developed by enterprising young girls seeking to conquer the crypto-world. This coin transforms the usual concept of a decentralized network into a charitable and accessible platform open to anyone interested in mining, investing and using cryptocurrencies.
We put our community in the spotlight. Here, any participant can share their knowledge and experience with others or receive advice on various aspects of working with cryptocurrency.

SATOSHE actively uses the reward system. Coin owners can receive additional rewards for holding them, and miners can receive additional rewards for ensuring network security and contributing to the creation of new blocks.

SATOSHE is not just a cryptocurrency, but also a powerful tool for emancipation and women’s interaction with technology on a much deeper level. It demonstrates that cryptocurrency is not only a men’s space and that a successful future in this field is possible for everyone, regardless of gender.
SATOSHE uses the Proof-of-Work mechanism, which offers the possibility of solving complex mathematical problems for mining new cryptocurrency coins. This ensures the security and reliability of the network, as participants require a large amount of computing work to create a new block on the blockchain.
The second main mechanism used by SATOSHE is Proof-of-Stake, which allows stake holders to maintain the blockchain and participate in transaction validation. Thus, participants who already have coins get a chance to receive additional rewards in the form of new coins, thereby encouraging users to participate in the network and maintain its stability.
The PoW phase will last for seven years.
100% of the coins will be distributed among the miners.
The PoW phase
For miners
Dev fund
Bounty programs
For stakers
The PoS phase lasts throughout the PoW phase. After 3,000,000 blocks, block generation will proceed by PoS consensus
The PoS phase
and programs
We have launched bounty programs. As part of these programs, users can receive rewards in coin for completing tasks related to the promotion and popularization of cryptocurrency, such as writing articles, posting on social networks or participating in a loyalty program.
Bounty programs
The monetary policy provides for cooperation with partners to support the cryptocurrency ecosystem and its adoption.