Start of SATOSHE development. This process requires expertise in blockchain technology, technical and marketing considerations
- SATOSHE code development
- Create Github
- Create official website
- Registration of official accounts in socials.
- Launch the blockchain
- Launch Explorer
- Announcement on Bitcointalk
- Launch community mining pool
- WhitePaper v1.0
Launch Staking Platform
- Develop and implement a staking platform that allows coin holders to earn rewards by staking SATOSHE
- Design the staking mechanism, including the locking period, reward structure, and staking options
- Launch the staking platform, making it user-friendly and accessible to coin holders
- Communicate the benefits of staking, including the potential rewards and the positive impact on the network's security and stability
Listing on exchanges
- Identify reputable cryptocurrency exchanges that match the goals and values of the project
- Preparation of all necessary documentation
- Collaborate and communicate with exchange teams
- After approval, the approval of the launch date on the exchange
- Announcement of the listing to the community and promotion of the availability of cryptocurrencies on the relevant exchange platforms
Establish partnerships with women's organizations and public associations to collaborate in implementing the project
- Identify relevant women's organizations and public associations that align with the project's mission and goals
- Conduct thorough research to understand their objectives, projects, and areas of focus
- Reach out to the identified organizations through formal communication channels, expressing the project's interest in collaboration
- Arrange meetings or virtual sessions to discuss potential partnership opportunities and the mutual benefits that can be achieved
- Present the project's goals, roadmap, and initiatives
Develop a monitoring and evaluation system to measure and track the impact of the project on women's equality
- Define clear objectives and goals related to women's equality that the project aims to achieve
- Identify specific indicators that will help measure progress towards these goals
- Determine the data collection methods to gather information on the identified indicators
- Establish a baseline by collecting data on the current status of women's equality before project implementation
- Set realistic targets and timelines for each indicator to track progress and measure impact throughout the project duration
Listen to the voices and needs of women and make appropriate changes to the SATOSHE development strategy
- Regularly consult with women beneficiaries and relevant stakeholders to understand their specific needs, aspirations, and challenges
- Engage in ongoing dialogue and collaboration with women-led organizations and women community
Marketing and Public Relations
- Develop a comprehensive marketing and PR strategy to boost the visibility and adoption of the project
- Social media campaigns, partnerships with influencers, and press releases
- Continuously update marketing strategies based on performance and market trends
Prepare and present compelling pitches to secure necessary funding for project expansion and operation
- Business Development
- Seek new opportunities for growth and partnerships that align with the project's core values.
- Identify and pursue strategic collaborations to expand the project's reach.
- Build relationships with potential funders by attending networking events, conferences, and meetings
- Develop a compelling case for support: Clearly articulate the purpose, goals, and impact of the project on women's equality
- Develop a comprehensive plan that outlines your fundraising goals, strategies, and timeline
- Customize fundraising proposals and grant applications to fit the requirements and priorities of each funding source
Launch Bounty Programs
- Define the objectives and goals of the SATOSHE bounty programs
- Determine the types of bounties, such as social media campaigns, content creation, bug reporting, or community engagement
- Allocate a budget for the bounty programs and establish a fair and transparent reward structure
- Monitor and evaluate the submissions or actions of participants and determine the rewards based on the predefined criteria
Ads on Aggregators
- Identify popular cryptocurrency aggregators that attract a significant user base interested in a variety of investment opportunities
- Interact with aggregator teams to review any requests or requirements during the review process
- After approval, coordination of the integration of the cryptocurrency on the aggregator platform
- Promotion of the listing through various marketing channels, emphasizing the advantages and unique features of the cryptocurrency on the aggregator platform
Conduct informational campaigns and events to raise awareness about cryptocurrencies and their potential for achieving gender equality
- Development mobile wallets for Android and iOS
- Integration to hardware wallets
- Conferences/Seminars/Webinars
- And other forms of education and engagement with the women's community
Maintain ongoing interaction and feedback with project participants
- Foster open communication channels with project participants, particularly women beneficiaries
- Create a safe and inclusive space where women feel comfortable sharing their experiences, challenges, and suggestions
- Actively seek feedback on the project's activities, implementation, and impact
- Analyze the feedback received, identify common themes
- Use this information to make necessary adjustments to the project's development strategy
Research and identify the key problems and barriers faced by women in the economic sphere
- A lack of access to financial resources
- Limitations in obtaining loans and capital
- Unequal pay for work
- Low representation of women in top management positions
Evaluate and disseminate successful practices and project outcomes.
- Upon achieving certain milestones
- Sharing experiences with participants from other cryptocurrency projects to maximize the potential power of cryptocurrencies in achieving gender equality
Development and implementation of cryptocurrency-based tools and services that help women improve their economic independence and protect their rights.
- Creating cryptocurrency wallets with extensive functionalities
- Creating specialized financial products and services
- Adding educational programs aimed at enhancing women's financial literacy