Is the first crypto-project of its kind, based on the power and capabilities of blockchain technology, aimed at attracting and including women in the field of cryptocurrencies. Created by female developers who are not indifferent to the problems of gender equality and technology, SATOSHE intends to radically strengthen the presence of women in this dynamically developing sector.
SATOSHE was designed to simplify the mining process as much as possible for users of various levels of technical literacy. Minimum system requirements and clear, detailed instructions for setting up the mining process create equal conditions for all interested parties, regardless of their practical experience in this field.
SATOSHE uses hybrid Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work algorithms, ensuring maximum security and transparency of all transactions on the network. The developers of SATOSHE have created an intuitive and easy-to-use system for safe storage and currency transactions.
SATOSHE strives to create an active and educational community where each participant can receive feedback, share experiences and knowledge. SATOSHE also stimulates online activity by providing incentives and rewards to active miners, as well as participants who ensure the maintenance of the network.
SATOSHE is focused on actively attracting and involving women in cryptocurrency technologies through information support, training and development opportunities. At the same time, SATOSHE invites all interested parties who share the idea of gender equality and democracy in the field of blockchain technology to participate in project.
SATOSHE plans to stay ahead of the development of the cryptocurrency sector, while maintaining the urgency of its mission — to actively attract and involve women in this area. Further plans for the project include strategic partnerships with women’s communities, organizations and those interested in cryptocurrencies around the world.
Introduction and Overview of the SATOSHE Project
The Mining Process
Technology and Safety
Interaction and Encouragement in the SATOSHE Community
Target Audience and Community Engagement
The Roadmap and the Future Development of SATOSHE
The Era of Cleopatra
The Era of Amelia Earhart
As a symbol of a powerful and independent woman, assuming the initial stage of the project.
Block Reward PoW: 10
Block Reward PoS: 4
Range: 1 - 3,000,000
At this time, the project can achieve important goals or achievements, since Amelia became the first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean by plane.
Block Reward PoS: 4
Bonuses for developers
Tokenomics provides rewards in the form of additional coins for developers who contribute to the development of the project or create new features.
Awards are determined based on a transparent and public voting system so that the community can evaluate and reward the work of developers.

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